Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fantasy Sports Competiton Vs Scoring

I often hear announcers say that score fests in the NFL is what excites fans. If this was the case mid level college programs that score 70ish points often would be out drawing SEC Viewers etc. No what attracts viewers is a quality product where all facets of the game matter equally. The reason fantasy football is the best fantasy sport to play is because football is such a team sport predicting who will do good one week to the next is difficult.

Fantasy sports leagues put a premium on offensive production in every sport. This makes since because it is the most measurable product. However like I believe Albert Einstein said not everything important is measurable; and not everything measurable is important. The popularity of fantasy sports is a primary yet invalid reason sports want higher scoring games,

One example of rule changes to promote higher scoring was changes to make defensive pass interference. This rule change lead to receivers running down field untouched, therefor faster, leading to harder hits; which may lead to more concussions. I know the ultimate result of partiality to offense in football. The result is arena football; which I can barely watch. The reason I rarely watch arena football is  the defense is almost hopeless.  Honestly to me it is more exciting to watch flag football than arena football.

The thing that matters most in football is competition between offense and defensive players. I do like fantasy sports; however they may be leading to a product I will no longer care for. Which is team sports where individualism is at a premium. Sports need defense for competition. Modern Sports have already lost sportsmanship; if you lose competition what is left?
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