Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jacksonville Jaguars Versus New England Patriots

The Jaguar Patriot Game is not interesting in terms of one team versus another team. Where it does intrigue me is challenging the accepted terms of Parity among the NFL. To me the modern NFL is full of have, kinda haves, and have nots. The haves are the Patriots, Giants, Packers, and Steelers are the haves; the kinda haves, the rest of the league are the kinda haves; then  the Jaguars, Cardinals, Jets and Chiefs they are the have nots. The list is of teams with and without franchise quarterbacks. I think the new rules are making the league less competitive much like the before the salary cap. Getting rid of the kickoff would continue this trend which is I'm beginning to believe is a alternative motive of the NFL to have mega stars like the NBA and to become less of a team oriented sport. Remove special teams, remove defense, continue to protect receivers in open space and what do you have left as competition quarterbacks. One unexpected consequence though may be a increased emphasis on running backs because defense will need to continue to focus on passing placing smaller quicker players in more positions. Which may revive the big back and destroy the lack or parity but until that happens teams like the Patriots will reign supreme with no need for defense.
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